Positive change in South Africa

For 10+ years we have supported Mellon Educate’s mission to bring positive change to township communities in South Africa. Our team has been actively involved in supporting, coordinating, and amplifying the impactful work carried out during their annual building blitz.

We have managed comprehensive communications strategies for Mellon Educate. This includes crafting compelling stories and press releases, coordinating radio and television interviews, and collaborating with media teams (bringing them to site) photographers, and videographers. Our efforts extend from the townships in Cape Town to the Eastern Cape, generating substantial media exposure both in Ireland and South Africa.

During one of our trips, we invited President Jacob Zuma to visit the township, creating significant media interest across South Africa. On another occasion, we learnt of actress, Anna Friel filming in the area and invited her to site. She came with her young daughter, visiting the families and handed the keys to the first new house to the Dweza family, which garnered attention from European news outlets, creating widespread awareness of Mellon Educate’s mission.

These experiences have not only played a role in contributing to the physical transformation of communities but have also played a crucial role in building awareness of Mellon Educate’s work. By sharing these stories through various media channels, we aim to inspire others and make a lasting impact.

If you have any specific questions or if there’s anything specific you would like assistance with regarding your communications strategy or related topics, feel free to let me know!

Mellon Educate Media Team

Our enthusiastic media team leaving site in Cape Town, where hundreds of Mellon Educate volunteers built a school, garden and playground for the children living in townships. Daily footage, pictures and stories were released to global media.