Mary McGuckian

Valerie Craigie and her team at Craigie Communications are the ideal partners for Ifrah Foundation. Passionate about human rights, (and gender rights in particular), Valerie has been hands on in developing the right message, generating the right tone of coverage and positioning both with the best combination of outlets. Tackling a subject like Female Genital Mutilation in the wider media is fraught with sensitivities and requires her unique skillset and knowledge base of the kind of human rights language that is current and appropriate in an evolving media landscape. The ‘out of the box’ thinking Valerie applied to generating appropriate and impactful coverage was impressive when Ifrah Foundation was required to manage the positioning of the organisation and its work in the context of the release of a dramatic feature film based on the life story of its founder. Very impressive and a pleasure to work with no matter how challenging the circumstances.

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