The Dublin Employment Pact is a non-profit company funded by the Irish 
Government under the National Development Plan. It was established in 1998 under an EU-supported initiative to tackle employment and development issues in the Dublin region. Director, Philip O’Connor, has secured funding for numerous projects since this time many of which Craigie Communications have been involved in over the past 8 years. Some of these include: Equal at Work – showcased five projects promoting inclusion, equality and diversity within Dublin hospitals. Equality Reviews focused on recruitment and selection practices at St James’s Hospital, a full audit of HR practices at Stewarts Hospital, supporting equal opportunities for older workers at AMNCH, Tallaght, developing multicultural workplace teams at Connolly Hospital & HSE Dublin North East, and implementing a Universal Accessibility Audit of conditions at the Children’s Hospital, Temple St. Craigie Communications worked with the HR team and the DEP to organise the many events and publicise the outcomes The Dignity Project Dignity is an interagency initiative working to deliver quality services for victims of sex-trafficking in Ireland. In 2009-2010 partners embarked on a series of study visits, staff exchanges, seminars and publications to raise awareness and share experiences of the realities of trafficking for sexual exploitation and good practice policy and services. Partners then worked to show how best practice models can be replicate across the participating member states of Ireland, Lithuania, Scotland/UK and Spain. The results of the findings were issued by Craigie Communications who achieved super coverage on Radio 1/National Press and various other mediums including Social Media. Craigie Communications are now involved in the Stop the Red Light Campaign.